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5350 Tryavna
40 Angel Kanchev Street
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The "FAMILIA" family hotel
+359 677 64691, +359 677 64695,
+359 887 756384
restaurant Old Times
The restaurant +359 677 66034,
+359 882 424889
Tryavna town

The town of Tryavna is located at the foot of the Balkan mountains. It is suitable for short visits, excursions and holidays throughout the year. The climate is favourable for the prophylaxis and treatment of lung diseases as well as for relaxation in a well-preserved environment close to mother nature.

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FAMILIA restaurant
FAMILIA restaurant

Every weekday we offer a lunch menu including soups, main courses, grilled dishes and desserts. Low prices, delicious dishes and prompt service!
FAMILIA restaurant  We offer discounts to groups attending seminars, company events, meetings and weddings.
Ресторанта на хотелаThe restaurant "Family" offers great variety in the breakfast menu.

Bar & café
Bar & cafe
bar and cafe

Here our guests can relax over a cup of aromatic coffee in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Like on the rest of the hotel premises, the bar & café has a free wireless Internet connection!

Garden restaurant
Garden restaurant
Garden restaurant

This is a great place in the cool summer evenings. Our guests can order drinks and dishes from the bar & café or the restaurant and enjoy them in the garden.

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